The Mantian Family is a family of Alien units that appear in Earth 2160.

Mantian Lady Edit

Earth 2160 Alien unit Mantian Lady

The smallest and weakest Alien unit, the basic task of this unit is to multiply itself and transform into a Formidian Trooper basic unit and Orchidian Nest structure. It also has the ability to regenerate the health of all of the other Aliens.

It is advised always to keep a few Mantian Ladies in a secure location; they form the base of all Alien units.

Mantian Princess Edit

Earth 2160 Alien unit Mantian Princess

The Mantian Princess is formed out of the Formidian Trooper unit. It can transform itself into the Hermipterian Defender and Hermipterian Grenadier units.

Thanks to the insertion of additional receptor data into the reproductive unit's genetic code, it is able to sense delicate vibrations on the surface in order to detect other moving units.

Mantian QueenEdit

Earth 2160 Alien unit Mantian Queen

The Mantian Queen is formed out of the Mantian Princess unit. It can transform itself into the Coleopian Tank and Arachnian Exterminator units. It can also turn itself into a few Mantian Ladies.

A Mantian Queen can eliminate all optical camouflage effects.

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