Earth 2140
Earth 2140 boxart
Developer(s) TopWare Interactive
Publisher(s) EU TopWare Interactive
NA Interplay
Platform(s) Amiga, DOS, Microsoft Windows, Macintosh
Release date 1997 (2001 for Amiga)
Genre(s) RTS
Mode(s) Single player
Rating(s) USK: 16+
Media CD-ROM
System requirements 60 MHz CPU, 16 MB RAM, 2X CD-ROM drive, 30 MB available hard disk space
Input method(s) Keyboard, mouse

Earth 2140 boxart

Earth 2140, the first game in the Earth series. Featuring only the United Civilized States and the Eurasian Dynasty. Also akin to the times, the units were fixed in their design. Technology research also simply meant building a research center and it went through all available research sequentially without user intervention.

Mission briefs are simply conveyed though writing messages with little in the way of FMV's. A majority of the missions are seek and destory with a few protect and secure missions thrown in for good measure.

Featuring a cutdown map of the Earth (the cut down justified by the prolouge in the manual) the UCS and ED are in direct combat with each other.

Unlike many games of the time where each side had roughly the same troopers and technologies the UCS and ED feature units that are unquie to them and there is little in the way of technological overlap.

Game FeaturesEdit



Expansion Packs


Earth 2160 UCS logo

United Civilized States

Earth 2160 ED logo

Eurasian Dynasty










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